20 Years manufacturer Fiberglass Cable Puller for Mexico Factories

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Fiberglass Cable Puller

Specification Rod Diameter (mm)  4mm-18mm Fiberglass Cable Puller
Rod Length  (m) 10m-500m (OEM)
Frame Spec. (mm) 1300x450x1330,1200x420x1220,980x350x1000,680x240x700, etc
Wheel Diameter(mm) 300mm
Wall Thickness of Metal Frame 2.2mm
Color blue, yellow, red, white etc
Material Rod Inner Extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature
Rod Outer High Density polyethylene coating
Iron Frame Steel with high temperature sprayed plastic or Spray coating
Wheel   Rubber
Brake Yes
Drawing Head Copper
Physical  Characters Density 55g/m
Working Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Breaking tension 600kg
Bending Radius 295mm
Technology Pultrusion
Packaging Inside Plastic woven strip wind around the frame
Outside Carton


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