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Sawteeth Trimmer Line

 Product Description

 Product: Sawteeth Trimmer Line
 Grade: Special Grade
 Material: 100% German BASF NEW NYLON
 Diameter: 3.0mm/0.120″
 Length/ Weight: 15m/ 0.5LB/ 1LB/ 3LB/ 5LB/ 10LB/ 20LB or nominated length
 Colour: Black, or Any Colour on Demand
  • Card Head;
  • Blister Donuts;
  • Spool;
  • Blister Card;
  • Roll in PP bag;
  • Precut.
 Shape: Saw Teeth



  • Significant improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Sharper cutting edges for better performance.
  • For heavy duty cutting of weeds and grass.
  • Accept OEM orders


Product Photo

 IMG_8596 IMG_8653 IMG_9593 IMG_9597 IMG_9595

Packing & Shape


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