Chinese Professional Trimmer Head Export to Sri Lanka

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Trimmer Head

 Product Description

 Trimmer Head
Product Name  Trimmer Head
Material Quality new raw material
Color Red or other color
Line Feed Bump feed, Tap-N-Go.
Nylon Trimmer Line 2.4mm
Adaptor M10X1.25 Left Male


Product Photo

 IMG_8656 IMG_8657 IMG_8665 IMG_8666

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    Hi all

    As i am working on those charging by induction and as i need to tune the coils in order to get some results, i was looking for variable capacitors.

    At first i tested my rotating half HDD cap which works very well, but the range is limited, and the building not so easy..

    Than i tried to get old Radio air variable cap but not so easy to find.

    Than i stumble upon an internet site, some time ago (sorry i don’t remember which one ) , where it was explained how to do a christal radio from junk parts. And it was explained how to do a simple cheap variable capacitor.

    So this idea is not mine, but it is very usefull to remember for our experimenting.

    if this really interesting technic is already known please forgive me

    I tested this variable cap as the Frequency cap on a 555 timer with very good success.

    so i am also sure that we can built also high voltage variable cap with this technic (simply use some thicker dielectric paper or mylar or what you want.

    OK hope this helps and good luck at all