Ordinary Discount Steel Fish Tape for Macedonia Importers

We thinks what customers think, the urgency of urgency to act in the interests of a customer position of principle, allowing for better quality, lower processing costs, prices are more reasonable, won the new and old customers the support and affirmation for Ordinary Discount Steel Fish Tape for Macedonia Importers, Competitive price with high quality and satisfying service make us earned more customers.we wish to work with you and seek common development.

Steel Fish Tape

Product Case Packing Steel Fish Tape
Material Handle:  ABS
Case: ABS
Wire Flexible steel wire, 0.060”x 0.125”
Length 15m-80m
Packing 1 pc per color box, 6pcs per master carton.
Usage of fish tape: Pull the wire through tube or wall.
Colour: Fish Tape in Orange  Case
Safe Load: 400kgs  
Breaking Strength: 600kgs


JDCSFT series fish tape apply Nylon /ABS case fastened material and heat treated spring steel.

It can reuse and carry conveniently.
Handle designed tender and no angle to protect your hand when use.
Safe fish tape , cable puller,easy to use fish tape , wire draw in band,wire drawer,cable drawer.



1. Time and labor saving.

2.Tool can be easily guided or “fished” through narrow passages and confined spaces

3.Large handle grip for greater user control.

4.Our Fish Tape is an innovative wire routing product that allows user to pull wire through pipe. It have maximum durability,long life and comfortable use.


Product Photos

IMG_8673 IMG_8674 IMG_8675 IMG_8679 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8684


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    The Young Turks January 27, 2016 Hour 2


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