Рыба лента

It is also known as the traditional line, four-color line.The Fish Tape is a line commonly used in life. Fish Tape not only used to fish, but also can tie common things in the daily life. The process of Nylon line manufacturing , generally spinning from the resin(traditional line) and adding other materials such as color (four-color line), its characteristic is it becomes more ductility and flexibility. In this field, Ningbo Judin Special Monofilament Co., Ltd has professional production lines of fish tape. It can guarantee high quality and ensure that volume orders are completed on time.

There are two basic specifications of the nylon Fish Tape:

One is the European and American countries with “pounds” of the specifications, such as ten pounds of the line, its maximum can withstand ten pounds of weight. The other is Fish Tape made in Japan, usually use the “number” to definite specifications. It’s principle is the same as the conception of pounds. At the next higher level, its maximum tension can withstand a more kilogram of weight, which is a standard in the water pull fish basis.