Триммер линия

The definition of Trimmer Line is a line used to mow the lawn. Its original material is nylon 6, nylon 66 or nylon 12. The main assessment criteria grades of Trimmer Line quality are divided into wear resistance and strength, which generally have ordinary type, high strength and full high strength type. By this way, the Ningbo Judin Special Monofilament Co., Ltd has focusing on the Trimmer Line producing since 2000, which becomes a pioneer in the field of monofilament extrusion industry. Monthly production capacity is 100 tons of trimmer lines.

Trimmer Line production process is basically similar with monofilament,which are belong to the spinning. The specific steps are: ①Preparation of spinning melt (the fiber polymer chips or melt from the continuous polymerization of the melt); ②Melt through Spinning hole extrusion to form a melt flow; ③Melt flow cooling curing to form a new fiber; ④ raw fiber oil and winding.

Trimmer Line looks like a transparent fishing line. The diameter is generally between 1.0-5.0mm, and the shape includes round, square, pentagonal, hexagonal, hexagonal, spiral and serrated. The color contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple ext. Appearance packaging styles are also diverse. Recently, the packing styles are including bubble shell installed, hanging card installed, spool installed, card installed and line plate installed.