Well-designed Bending Spring for Czech Factories

With our leading technology as well as our spirit of innovation,mutual cooperation, benefits and development, we will build a prosperous future together with your esteemed company for Well-designed Bending Spring for Czech Factories, Standing still today and looking into the future, we sincerely welcome customers all over the world to cooperate with us.

Bending Spring


Product Bending Spring
Material Spring Steel Wire
Thickness: 16-32mm ;1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 1-1/4″ ,According to required
Length 400mm 450mm 500mm
Application: Used for the prevention of wall collapse on PVC conduits during bending


Product Description

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Bending spring  (1) Bending spring  (1)


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  • Video tutorial on how to replace the blade on a lawn mower. Three signs of when you have a dull or worn blade is the freshly cut grass will not have a clean cut. Instead the blades of grass will have a torn appearance. Next you will also find when you make a pass in cutting the grass, there will be high spots left behind. And finally upon visual inspection of the blade, the cutting edge will be dull or chipped. A lawn mower blade should be replaced if the chipped are too deep, has already been sharpened several times, is rusty, too thin, or is bent. This particular mower I am working with is a 6.5hp Briggs and Stratton on a Craftsman push mower.

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    Tools/Supplies Needed:
    -ratchet and socket
    -block of wood
    -new replacement blade
    -wire brush
    -medium grade thread locker
    -torque wrench
    -axle stands

    -remove the spark plug wire and tuck it off to the side, this will prevent the lawn mower from starting which could harm you
    -if your lawn mower is equipped with electric start, then also disconnect the battery
    -tilt the lawn up on the air filter carburetor side
    -I am using jack stands to keep the lawn mower safely elevated
    -I would highly recommend wearing gloves to keep your hands safe
    -wrap a cloth or rag around the one side of the blade so you have an area you can hold it into place
    -use the appropriate size socket to loosen and remove the center bolt
    -if you find you’re having trouble loosening the bolt, you can also use the assistance of a block of wood to jam the blade into place
    -when picking a new blade, ensure it is the correct length, will fit your model of mower, and meets your cutting needs
    -finally the old blade can be removed
    -this does have a removable flange which sits on a keyed shaft
    -it’s good practice to remove this and clean up the flange with a wire brush to remove any baked on dirt or rust which may cause problems when bolting down the new blade
    -ensure the bolt hole in the center of the blade is the correct size, then ensure the two locking pins are also in the correct location as some model blades do not have slotted holes
    -finally clean up the bolt with a wire brush
    -apply a thread locker to this bolt as it will prevent it from loosening and also resist the threads from corroding, only use a medium grade thread locker
    -install the blade and ensure it is in the correct orientation
    -sometimes they will have the orientation stamped on the blade, either saying this side up or down
    -another way to tell if the slant portion, also known as a wing tip should face up, therefore the bottom on the blade should be the smoothest part, then the cutting edge faces the direction of travel
    -if you wish to use a torque wrench, the torque valves for a walk behind mower’s blade is normally between 35 to 60 foot pounds, but this will vary between models so be sure to consult with your owners manual

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