How to choose Trimmer Line – Buyer’s Guide


Trimmer line comes in various sizes and shapes to cater for any landscaping or lawn maintenance task. With the right trimmer line, you can clear weeds and hardy plants from your garden with a swipe of your trimmer. Going with the wrong size or style of trimmer line is a mistake, and you’ll end up breaking the line often, resulting in less service life out of the product.

Trimmer Line Buyer’s Guide

After reading through our reviews of the best trimmer line, it’s time to settle on your choice. However, we realize that our roundup might leave you feeling more confused than ever about choosing the right replacement line for your trimmer.

Fortunately, this buyer’s guide explains everything you need to know about your trimmer line. We’ll go through the types of line designs and the different manufacturers to show you want to look for in your prospective trimmer line.

Trimmer Line FAQs

Why does the trimmer line keep breaking?

Old trimmer line is prone to breaking. The nylon or copolymer in the line tends to dry out if you leave it to stand for a few years. Fortunately, it’s possible to rejuvenate the line using a bit of water. Soak a sponge and leave it to drip over the spool. The nylon or polymer will absorb the moisture, restoring the integrity of your trimmer line.

Are all trimmer lines universally compatible with all brands of trimmers?

Yes, most trimmer lines and all the products in this review are universally compatible with leading trimmer brands. However, make sure you’re buying the right size line to suit the trimmer head.

Which way do I wind the trimmer line?

We recommend winding your trimmer line in the opposite direction of the bump-heads rotation. If you wind the line in the same direction, it results in the cable coming loose in the bump-head, resulting in improper feeding action.



Post time: Oct-21-2022